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Pyra Tech is the only technology company offering a full suite of true, robust, proven remote monitoring solutions

About Us

PyraTechSolutions is committed to our vision of providing businesses and consumers alike with a one stop solution for all your technology needs!We pride ourselves of our excellency in customer care and personalized support, competitive pricing and knowledgeable and innovative technology solutions. When shopping at PyraTechSolutions.com you will have several options to choose from leading computer brands at low cost, you can also find an array of component solutions, such as: motherboards, processors, hard drives, cabling, and much more all conveniently online for you!

We also offer services and consultations of different ranges from payment processing solutions, contact center set up consultations, network set ups and IT solutions.

We strive to work with businesses to achieve efficient technology solutions which will help your businesses success and growth without the cost related restraints, we can work with your budget and needs!

Contact us today for a free consultation, in person by scheduling an appointment with our tech savvy and personable Account Managers by emailing info@pyratechsolutions.com or over the phone by dialing 1.866.372.4800.

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We'll do everything we can to make our next best project! We are an innovative agency. We develop and design customers around the world.



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